OpenBGPD in OpenBSD is one of the most stable open source solution for having a looking glass. In few steps you can install your own Looking Glass.

Step 1. Install OpenBSD 5.1

Step 2. OpenBGPD configuration files are in /etc/

Step 3. Configure iBGP neighbourship with your BGP router

# vi /etc/bgpd.conf

AS 65532 # Your ASN
socket “/var/www/logs/bgpd.rsock” restricted # For bgplg

router-id #OpenBGPD server IP address
fib-update no
route-collector yes
# IPv4 Peers
neighbor {
remote-as 65532
descr CORE01_IPv4
announce none #Disable announcement from OpenBGPD server

# IPv6 Peers
neighbor 2404:D900::1 {
remote-as 58656
descr CORE01_IPv6
local-address fe80:9077:0:a::15
announce none #Disable announcement from OpenBGPD server

Step 4: Start bgpd service


Step 5: Show neighbors their uptime and received prefixes numbers

# bgpctl show

Step 6: Enable BGPD in run level

# more /etc/rc.conf | grep bgpd