We have peered with Team Cymru regarding BOGONS service. As stated in Team Cymru website:

“Bogons are defined as Martians (private and reserved addresses defined by RFC 1918, RFC 5735, and RFC 6598) and netblocks that have not been allocated to a regional internet registry (RIR) by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Fullbogons are a larger set which also includes IP space that has been allocated to an RIR, but not assigned by that RIR to an actual ISP or other end-user.”
Technically it’s quite easy. You will subscribe to Team Cymru BOGONS service (which is free!!). Team Cymru will allow you to do EBGP with there routers which will basically feed you the BOGONS route (both IPv4 & IPv6). You will tag those routes to a specific community and send them to null route. So traffic for those prefixes are dropped and will not go to the internet.
How to apply:
To to Team Cymru site (http://www.team-cymru.org/Services/Bogons/) and apply for the BOGONS Service.
After configuring the EBGP session we start receiving BOGONS prefixes. To my surprise, there are around 73463 IPv6 BOGONS prefixes we are receiving (date 22nd April, 2013) in comparison with only 12258 valid IPv6 prefixes!!! It includes 2001:DB8::/32 which is basically reserver for documentation (RFC 3849).