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Cisco Application Visibility & Control solution integrates multiple internal components of the Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Service Router and external components. Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation router forward NetFlow (v9) to Cisco Collection Manager Database. Cisco Insight Reported used to connect with Cisco Collection Manager Database to view the report.

Installation of Cisco Insight Reporter v3.2

1. Unzip the file

[root@dpi CiscoInsightReporter]# unzip InsightReporter-3.2.0_rhel5-x86-64bit.zip

2. Run the installer

[root@dpi CiscoInsightReporter]# ./install.sh
INPUT : Enter the OS username that will be used to install/upgrade (root not allowed):cir
MSG : Sun Java HotSpot(TM) JRE6 is required
INPUT : Do you want to install JRE6? [Y/N] (default Y): y
INPUT : Do you want to install MySQL server? [Y/N] (default Y): y
INPUT : Enter MySQL data directory applicable for your installation(example /home/mysql-data/): /opt/mysql-data

3. Default MySQL root password is password. Change it to new one.

[root@dpi CiscoInsightReporter]#/usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root -h localhost password ‘NewPass’ –p
[root@dpi CiscoInsightReporter]#/usr/bin/mysqladmin -u root -h [hostname] password ‘NewPass’ –p

Installation of Cisco Collection Manager

1. Create database and related permission:

mysql> create database avocado;
mysql> grant all privileges on avocado.* to ‘pqb_admin’@’localhost’ identified by ‘pqb_admin’ with grant option;
mysql> grant all privileges on avocado.* to `pqb_admin`@’%’ identified by ‘pqb_admin’ with grant option;
mysql> flush privileges;

2. Untar unbundled version and run the install scripts

[root@dpi CiscoSCCM]# tar -xvf scms-cm-v375p1-b107-unbundled-solaris-linux.tar
[root@dpi CiscoSCCM]# cd install-scripts/
[root@dpi install-scripts]# ./install-cm.sh -d /opt/cmdatabase
Please select one of the following options:
1 - Install CM:RDR
2 - Install CM:Netflow
3 - Install CM:RDR-and-CM:NetFlow
4 - Exit
Enter your choice: 2
Would you like to configure the database? (yes/no): yes

Enter the DB type:
1 - Oracle
2 - MySQL
3 - Sybase
4 - exit
Enter your choice:2
Enter MySQL server host (current is localhost) :
Enter MySQL server listening port (current is 3306) :
Enter MySQL server instance id (current is avocado) :
Enter CM schema user name (current is pqb_admin) :
Enter CM schema user password (current is pqb_admin) :
Do you want to test the DB connection? (yes/no): yes

3. Change the password for scmscm user

[root@dpi install-scripts]# passwd scmscm

4. Stop and start the cm service using scmscm user

-bash-3.2$ ~scmscm/cm/bin/cm stop
-bash-3.2$ ~scmscm/cm/bin/cm start

5. Set the TimeZone:

-bash-3.2$ ~scmscm/cm/bin/jselect-sce-tz.sh —nf —offset=360

6. Check the tables:

-bash-3.2$ ~scmscm/scripts/dbtables.sh —nf

7. Loads the default INI values for NetFlow in the database

-bash-3.2$ ~scmscm/cm/bin/updateNetFlowMap.sh —nf=NF IP address —file=~scmscm/cm/config/AttributesTable.csv

Now login to Insight Reported and configure related parameter to view the report. You need to configure ASR 1000 to forward the NetFlow traffic to the Collection Manger by configuring flow record/monitor and exporter.

Cisco Application Visibility and Control Installation and Troubleshooting Guide.pdf
Cisco Insight Reporter v3 Installation Guide.pdf
Cisco Service Control Management Suite Collection Manager .pdf
Configuring Application Visibility and Control for Cisco Flexible Netflow.pdf