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In my last post I have shown how to create an antispam & antivirus gateway. This give me spam and virus free emails. But how much this is efficient!! I have looked through the internet and find two very good software. These are Vispan and MailWatch. Both of them are web based.

Vispan show yearly, monthly, daily, hourly updates with fine graphs and detailed statistics. Using this mail gateway I was able to filter 90%-95% spam. It’s amaizing!!

MailWatch is also webbased and with lots of features. Vispan only give us the statistical output and reports. In MailWatch we can also change the configuration of MailScanner along with mailllog, quarantine maillist and lots of reports.

These tools don’t have any effect on spam filter. But it’s very nice to find out how efficient the Antispam & Antivirus gateway is.

This is a vispan report from my antispam & antivirus gateways server:

Vispan report